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Prof. Layton ruined my life.

I bet Clive hired Belle to torture Luke.


I bet Clive hired Belle to torture Luke.


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Studio Ghibli Challenge  ships (1/3)

Shizuku / Seiji

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OneRepublic: Preacher

Preacher // OneRepublic

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Anonymous asked: You start that early????

Yep. My school changed our calendar, and apparently they thought that was a good idea. Actually, quite a few schools in my state are changing their calendars as well. I’ve heard rumors that they might switch back but I doubt it. 

But I gotta look at it positively, right? I only got another short summer and then I’m outta there! 

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- Will we meet again sometime?- Sure we will.- Promise?- Promise. Now go, and don’t look back.

- Will we meet again sometime?
- Sure we will.
- Promise?
- Promise. Now go, and don’t look back.

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Make me choose between two characters: Killua or Conan

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Anonymous asked: How would Clark and Claire feel if they saw Hershel hanging out with Brenda without them?



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